Paddy Doyle

Guinness World Records Fitness Endurance Champion

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Before Paddy Doyle started to attempt and break strength speed stamina records. It all started when he got involved in judo,amateur boxing and gymnastics this he believes gave him the skills later on in life to have achieved numerous records in various different sporting disciplines. Coming from a poor background which led to a troublesome life, fighting in bars and clubs he was a regular visitor to the West Midlands Police cells. At the age of 20 yrs he joined the Parachute Regiment and was awarded champion recruit for outstanding fitness levels and determination, he then became a member with 2 Para, passing the 6 week course for patrols / reconnaissance company.

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DVD's and Books

PURE GRIT describes how Paddy Doyle came from a poor background, and found sport and endurance World Records as a way out of from possibly spending time at her Majesty's pleasure.

Pure Grit 2 2011

Pure Grit 2009


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